lundi 6 octobre 2014

Klotho Shogun The Rebels

A prominent figure of the rebel forces, person called "Klotho Shogun". The fact that Klotho pack mule met a spy that was fed into the ney, closo real had already died. But to choose to fight as closo Shogun it is moved to the enthusiasm of the people rebel and sincerity of the pack mule, and killed by a pack mule Kaba~tsu from Ney. Motif of character design, bassist of Jesus, Chris Squire. It is a person who Mamoru Nagano designer respected, are lit nicknamed itself.

Countryside from the local nobility. I will Poseidaru army officer in order to succeed in life back to the expectations of the family. The early surface comical and together deployment scenario on also conspicuous, but competent as a soldier, it is Jose to 13 people crowd Poseidaru later. I was able to keep its position as the comedy relief even late story became a serious route. Kuwasan

On top of all that you go back and forth between the Giwaza army and Praetorian Guard in too much to Yokorenbo to Oribi, you lose the trust from both, it had been wait and see a three-cornered fight Poseidaru army, Giwaza army, the rebels in the decisive battle at Gasutogaru , to be instrumental in the sedation of war rolled over to the rebels without debate ultimately, such as defeating the Giwaza and Amandara in a united front with the pack mule. After all, withdrew himself it is determined that not be supported by yourself the Oribi spirit collapsed. Alone, Guraia, Barubudo, Bash, Ashura Temple, Greenbelt, machines such as the multiplier Atoll.

Boarded on a variety of aircraft seemed rival of the hero in the real robot anime, but has not been defeated in decent B Class Heavy Metal other than the mass-produced, selectively used depending on the situation Bash, Ashura Temple, the Atholl in the second half, and Amandara I have boarded the Bash at the Battle of.It seemed also joined in the establishment of a new government was established in after defeating the Poseidaru, it has become a commander of security forces in the "Heavy Metal white" is a sequel of the TV version, first with the aliens for the first time in Pentagona World I played a contact.